Dropdown Selections Not Repeating in Multiline Input

I’m using the Insert at Cursor Position Plugin alongside a Dropdown and a Multiline Input. When I select a value from the Dropdown, it appear in the Multiline Input. However, if I choose the same value again from the Dropdown, it only appears once in the Multiline Input. How can I ensure that selecting the same value multiple times from the Dropdown results in it being posted multiple times in the Multiline Input?

I am using an input value is changed event to trigger the Insert at Cursor Position Action.

Appreciate the help.

If you’re doing this then it will work.

If you choose the same value twice in a row from a dropdown, it of course won’t work, as the input’s value isn’t changed.

Based on what you’ve said, if you do value A → value B → value A, it will work though I’ve never used this particular plugin. Have you used the debugger to check out what’s going on?

This totally make sense, is there any other way to achieve this?

yes this works, you only need to provide the id and pass it to the multiline input. What it does is you can insert the value of the dropdown in between the text.


Yes, but there’s no useful information that can solve the problem

Why not use a button next to the drop-down so they select the value and then press to insert? That certainly feels more natural to me!


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