Dropdown values resets only for one specific role

Hi there community!

I have something I think might be a bug, but for now I have tagged this as “Need Help” because I am not experienced enough to say it is a bug.


I have 3 different dropdowns that are only visible only to each of the 3 roles of users I have. If you are logged in as user role 1 you can only see the user 1’s roles dropdown and it’s static values. The values selected are put into a input field as a “starting point”. If the user tries to edit or backspace the input fields already pre populated with the dropdown’s value, the dropdown cant be used to override that anymore. So to fix that, I created a workflow to reset the dropdown group if the input value changed. That works as expected for 2 out of 3 user roles. On the 3rd role, the dropdown’s value that should populate the input field populates it for a split second, then disappears. This is not the behaviour for the other 2 roles which lets me use dropdown - into input field - and if input field’s content is edited manually - the dropdown is reset which ables the dropdown to override the input field if the user wishes.

The point is, I have 3 workflows for the 3 dropdown fields that are identical (only roles are changed) but 1 does this odd behaviour. If I remove the workflow that creates the issue (to reset dropdown group), I can use the dropdown values again, but the dropdown can not override the input value, like stated in the start.

Can anyone help pretty please? :slight_smile:

Anybody? :slight_smile:

Can you share some media or your editor? We don’t like reading in 2018 :wink: I’ll have a look for you but I’d need some context.

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Without seeing how you set it up, either in a bunch of images or having access to the editor, it’s hard to help diagnose these types of issues. Could you provide images, or ideally, a link to the editor set to “every one can view” mode?

Haha @duke.severn I can relate to that no one is reading anymore :smiley:

I give you a cloned app editor here: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=handverkertilbud&id=sharekvalitetsbad&tab=tabs-1

You have to “run as” one of the the users with the 3 roles: ELEKTRO, VVS or SNEKKER.

The role that has the issue is VVS and the page the issue is on is “handverkertilbud” where you use the “+” dropdown to insert text from it into the “produktbeskrivelse” field (first dropwdown from left inside the produktbeskrivelse field). It just flickers and does not stay inside the field.

You can test with the other roles also, to see this working as I wanted.

The workflows for these 3 roles are in purple color and there ou can see they are they same based on each role.

Let me know if this wall of text was useful to reduce wall of texts.

Can access the page on “preview”, but when I use run as I get redirected to

Which doesn’t seem to be the right page. I don’t speak Danish. I don’t know how to get to handverkertilbud from there.

When you get to page “oversikt_main_tilbud, you” klikk on the green “beregn pris” to get to the page handverkertilbud. I’m sorry I did not remember to tell you… :-/

On that page the issue is with trying to use dropdown to insert text from the dropdown into the field.


I’ve fixed it - I’ve renamed the parent group Tilbud (parent) to TilbudP and the group Tibuld child to TilbudC - The input for VSS role was a child of TilbudC and because of the order in which Bubble was resetting the values (I’m assuming, I don’t exactly understand this specific example), the dropdown was being reset before the input could accept the value.

I simply moved the input (VSS) to be a child of TilbudP, as was the case with the other two dropdowns, instead of being a child of TilbudC.

Everything works as expected.


Cool design, btw. I like your use of the small dropdown to feed an input. I shall steal this to use in my apps :slight_smile:

Yay @duke.severn! I cant wait to get back to my computer to see:)

Thank you very much!:slight_smile: :smiley:

Haha @duke.severn! You can steal what ever you want!:slight_smile:

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