Preview Not Working After Deploying App

Hello! I’ve seen this issue mentioned on here a few other times, but no solid answers.

Ever since I deployed my app for the first time, preview stopped working. None of my changes are reflected in the preview version. Any ideas?

Hi there, @holiday… without a more detailed explanation of the issue, some screenshots, or a view-only link to your editor, it’s not really possible to say what might be going on, and you might need to submit a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your app.

The above being said, if you are seeing a difference between the development and live versions of your app after deploying, the difference can sometimes be attributed to the fact that the development and live databases are separate (and deploying your app does not copy data from development to live), and you might have data in one database that is not present in the other. Could that be the case here?


I don’t think it would be a database issue, because it’s not just changes to data that don’t show up in the preview. It’s changes to elements (colors of text, etc).

Can you give a specific example of something that is different in development vs. live? It looks like you haven’t deployed to live for a few days. What are you expecting to see that you aren’t seeing and where are you expecting to see it?


When I make a change to an element (for example, changing the color of text), I would expect to see it in the version that opens in a new tab when I click Preview.

I’ll mention I’m new to bubble and might be missing something obvious, and I really appreciate your help.

If you make a change in development and then preview it, you should see the change. In fact, if you have the preview open and you make a change, you should get a banner at the top of the preview tab that says you have to refresh to keep using the app. Are you seeing that banner when you make changes?

I am.

To make things more strange, I just tried change something else (a static text element - “Revenue”) and it did change to red. But the dynamic element right below it did not ($1,000).

Where is that element in your app and what did you change about it that you didn’t see change in the preview?

In the editor, the text of the element is red. In the preview version, it’s still black.

It’s hard to follow your setup, and I was thinking you might not be changing the element you think you are changing. It looks like it should be red, though, but I can’t preview the app because it’s password protected.

@mikeloc the user/password is available in the editor settings ‘General’ tab

@holiday this is the page you were referring to correct? ‘Sales Company Record’ - I am getting the word Revenue in Red when I click preview:

Yeah, I think I see the issue with that particular element, Mike was right. I was looking at the wrong element in the preview. There was something else that didn’t show up either, but I’m going to look into if that was also just a mistake on my end (tends to be the case). Thank you both for your help!


Just in case a future Bubbler comes upon this post looking for possible solutions to similar issues, the other issue turned out to be that I set up some privacy rules right before deploying (so users could only see things they created), and so I needed to login, even on the Preview version. Now everything works shows up on Preview as it should : )

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