Discrepancy in preview and deployment

Hi! Please help… losing my mind on why there is a discrepancy when I preveiw my app, I see the data type I create and all is perfect but when I deploy the live version there is not text …

thank you!

There are different databases, there is a development database and a live database. You can see the difference below. This is purposed for version control.



In addition to Johnny, you can copy your test database to your live data.

Go to you data tab, then at the right corner, click on the red text “Copy and restore your database”

There, you can select which tables you want to migrate or migrate all tables from test to live or from live to test.

(Sorry for the pics but I’m in my phone and bubble don’t loads properly)




Thanks for fast reply!

Love you guys! Thank you for the pictures as well !! So far seems like an epic community!

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You’re welcome :ok_hand:t2:

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