Default value of dropdown of user's state

I have a dropdown with dynamic choices of a data type called state (alabama, georgia etc)

I’m struggling to make the default value the same value that the user previously inputted when they put in their profile details. I know the problem is that the default value is looking for a state data type, while the current user’s state field is a text. What would be the easiest way for users to easily be able to edit their current state from a dropdown, with the default value displaying the state that they inputted initially?

Hi @tona - the “Default value” field in the Dropdown is looking for the same data type as the “Type of choices” (which is “State”).

To fix it, you need to create another data field in User called “State” and make it of Field type “State”.

Note you’ll need to delete the existing “State” of type “text” under User and update the “Default value” in the Dropdown. You’ll also need to update the Workflow Step that assigns State to that User. That should take care of it

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The state data type has a field called name. To put name as the default value will mean calling on a text field. It’s giving me the same type mismatch issue.

Remove “Name” in the “Default value”. When you Preview the app, you should see the correct value of State for that User.

I’ve done that to no avail. The state data type can have multiple fields such as name, abbreviation etc, so you would have to call the name field.

Hi @tona - per our DM, just want to confirm this thread solved the issue. This way others who come across the thread with similar issue will know how to solve it. Thanks! :+1::grinning: