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Dropdowns populating in a list

I’ve built the app that I wanted in excel that has 7 dropdowns, and each time I click something in the dropdowns, it populates in the list to the left. Example below:

However - when trying to create this app in Bubble, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the app to populate the repeating group with what I select from the dropdowns. Any advice is appreciated!

App here:


I keep thinking I got it, and then try it and falter. :-(. Perhaps I’m ust not understanding how to populate a list correctly.

I looked at your app and didn’t see any dropdowns? I’m happy to help if I can, just not sure what you are going for.

Hi Matt - I took out the dropdowns - as I couldn’t get them to work for the life of me - and started just creating repeat groups that would house the data that I could click. Probably not a great solution, but I was getting so frustrated with the dropdowns.

From looking at your excel sheet you may want to use dropdowns inside the repeating group and have them bind to the record.

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