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Hey gang. I’m new to Bubble as of last week, but I’m incredibly impressed so far. I have used many CMSs over the years to build websites, and somehow I had never heard of Bubble. What a great product. On to the issue…

I have a RG which displays a number of different data points from various tables. At the far right of that RG, I have placed an “edit” icon. I have created a pop-up group which is to be used to edit the data from each row of the RG, and which is hidden on page load - appearing only when the edit icon is clicked.

I have configured the form fields in the popup group to auto-populate based on the contents of whichever row the “edit” icon is clicked in the RG. The text fields and date/time selector fields are working great, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where I’m going wrong with the dropdown fields.

I thought I found the answer in another thread:

Unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts, I’m still running into an issue where the “default value” is NOT happy with the value I’ve entered. Please help :).

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@vincent56, thoughts? Looks like you were very helpful on the above thread I mentioned.

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It looks like the default value wants a User. So you could do something like:

Parent group’s Sales Log’s Written By First Name

I’m not sure how you have your table set up in the database but this might be it.

That’s what I thought too… but it doesn’t give that option:

What is the data type for Written By?


If you can share a link to the editor, it is a lot easier to debug. I’ll have a look.

FYI: I got this figured out. I’m still pretty new to Bubble, but in order to dynamically populate a dropdown with a value, that value must be saved in it’s current state as the same data type referenced within the dropdown.

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