Repeating Group no doublet's

I’m brand new to bubble, so carry on with me if this is a silly question.

I have created a “Repeating Group” where I show data from my database. (see picture)


How do I filter so that there are no duplicates with the same name in “sensor” so that it only shows the latest.

i have tried to google but could not find any help.

See if this post helps: Again, how to remove duplicates in Repeating Group?

Or Removing duplicate items from a repeating group?

You can try adding “:unique elements” at the data source field; or you can look into the Conditionals.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply, I have looked through both threads but not found the answer.
I can make “Group by” work if I only use it on a “sensor”, but must also have shown the other information “GW”, “Battery” etc.

Is the database incorrectly built? (which I can see many others are advised to look at)

I want approx. 500 sensor that reports data where sensor = name of the device. They sign up for the bubble through the API. with information on battery status, signal strength, etc.

Now i made it work :slight_smile:

RG =
First item (Sensor)
next item

and so on…