[Solved]Repeating Group Displaying Duplicates with no duplicate data

Hey Everyone!

Im running into quite a bit of an issue here. I have validated my data which doesn’t show any duplicate values however im having issues in my repeating group displaying false duplicates. Someone here has to know something!

Url is [RevolutionAI.io | Best AI-powered Writer](https://Quickwrite AI)

Ill share an example of the problem below:

This is the preview

This is the container group inside the first cell

This is the actual repeating group search settings

Here is the snapshot of the repeating group Conditional

Also just to add some context i just did an import to the database “Tool Table”.
Im noticing other generic “search for tools” also gives me the same response.

The uploaded csv file was UTF-8 if that matters. Just trying to provide a full picture :slight_smile:

In my opinion this is almost like a caching issue with the search function.

2nd Update

I found my review tools under the admin panel work and display as they should

Here is the repeating group conditionals

I replaced these settings with the one in my my repeating group and it did not work.I dont understand the difference.

Any and all guidance will be appreciated as i am stumped and this is a blocker on my app

What is the conditional on your RG?

@adamhholmes i just added the additional info requested above

In that case I’ve got no idea why the data appears to be duplicating…

If you’re happy to share a link to your editor I’m sure someone can figure it out, but without taking a good look inside your app it will be difficult to diagnose.

if you could even point somewhere id be grateful

Again, without seeing inside your app, or at least being able to preview it, it’s really impossible to guess (aside from the obvious suggestion that you’re actually mistaken about the data that’s in your database).

If you’re not willing to share your app, then I suggest taking a look in the debugger on the page to see where the data is coming from as a first step to self-diagosing the problem.

i added some additional info above added

Ok… well there are no duplicate database items being displayed here. The RG is loading exactly the data it’s being told to, which is 12 unique database items.

It just happens that multiple database entries have some of the same info, and it’s that info that you’re displaying in the RG (i.e. 6 out of the 12 unique database items in the RG have the ‘Name’ value ‘Google Ads’)

So, as expected, the RG is just showing what’s in your database.

If what’s in your database is not what you thought was in your database, then you’ll need to address that as a separate issue.


I wanted to reply and let you know after i filtered i did find identical items. Thanks for your dedicated support and much appreciation

My database is cleaned up, it turns out the csv i imported didn’t overwrite values it just added new entries which caused the duplicate issue.

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