Repeating groups and inputs help needed

Hello all! I need some help please!

I am new to Bubble and am trying to make a relatively simple app for fitness where I can input my own workouts onto the app.

I have a button to add new workouts, and when I click save it sends it to a repeating group, then the inputs reset.
My issue is that everytime I type in a new workout and click save, it creates a new group but adds it onto the data that I input last time.

I input workout ‘deadlift’ - click save - ‘deadlift’ appears in the repeating group
I input workout ‘curls’ - click save - ‘deadlift, curls’ appears in a new repeating group combined together, but in a new group underneath the other one.

Am I missing something obvious?
Any help would be appreciated!

Please share screen shots of the workflows associated with the feature set.

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