Duplicate table entries

Any advice would be very appreciated! My simple form is working but it is duplicating entries, not adding the list to Account-Venues.

I have 2 tables.

Accounts is linked to Venues


I have this simple search function to find a venue and add that venue to the current page’s account.

Here is my workflow.

It’s doing what I want except that instead of adding the venue to the Accounts, Accounts-Venues list it’s creating a separate Account entry.


Hi there, @plazatm… it’s creating a separate thing in the Accounts data type every time because that is exactly what your workflow is telling it to do. Instead of using the action that creates a new thing, you want to use the action that makes changes to a thing. The thing to change is the current page’s account, and the change is to add the selected venue to the account’s list of venues. Does that make sense?

Hope it helps.


Hi, thanks for the help!

I have tried making a change to the list but I can’t figure out what the correct formula would be. Here’s what I’ve been trying. I’ve been trying to figure it out but everything I think should work is red.

Hmm, you used the Make changes to a list of things workflow action, but you need to use the Make changes to thing action. When you use that action, you should be able to select the current page’s account as the thing to change, and then you can add the value of the venue input to the account’s list of venues.

If you can’t get it to work and you are willing to share a link to your editor, I would be happy to try to set it up for you.


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