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Duplicates in a list - not quantity related

Hi all,

I’m trying to create convert a text of opening hours e.g. “0800, 0700, 0700, 0700, 0700, 0700, 0700” (which would correspond to days of the week) into a list of numbers e.g. “0800”, “0700” etc. that I can then display and perform logic upon for the user.

This text has been imported from the Google Places API: Opening hours periods list → open time i.e. list within a list

From what I’ve read - Bubble does not seem to allow adding duplicates to a list - I’ve tried regex / split by commas / importing using the native Bubble Google API plugin (rather than my own which is unable to import a list contained in a list).

I’m not hopeful, but I was wondering if there was a good solution available to maintain duplicates in a list. The only ones in the forum currently I have seen include shopping baskets etc.