"Duration hitting max capacity". How to understand this metric?

Hello, we’ve built a large application and onboarded a live user base.

Recently we started receiving warning emails from Bubble that our application is hitting maximum capacity for N minutes during a certain period of time.

I have no idea what should we do with this info. Does it mean that some of the workflows were accidentally terminated? I watched Hotjar sessions and didn’t notice any error browser message. Does it mean that the app itself became very slow for “N minutes”?

@vovahumnytskiy I know that Bubble has been working for years to improve this situation. I hope that 2023 will be the launch of the automation of On Demand resource allocation so that we never have “Hit Capacity” again. For the moment you have to analyze the log (with the ERROR keyword) to see if there are no Workflows stop. And of course, adding capacity will fix the problem.

The last time I asked Bubble support about this, they answered that instead of capacity on demand, Bubble needs to make capacity free and charge users for entry records in the database :slightly_smiling_face:

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