Dynamic Data in Text element RTE Link

It would be nice when using the rich text editor of a normal text element and adding a link to be able to use dynamic data for that link just like it is possible most every where else where links are created.

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@boston85719 have you found any workarounds?

There are workarounds for getting links, but no workaround for the limitation I discussed in this post.

I just figured the workaround for this.

When you are using a text element in the editor, and you open the Rich Text Editor section and you highlight a text and select to add a link…you will add a link like it requires, which can not be dynamic.

However, once you save it and are brought back to the normal text dialogue, you can see the URL entered and change it to dynamic data…

In the bottom of the screen shot you can see “SOME NEW TEXT” followed by [url=www.google.com]

You would highlight www.google.com and change it to dynamic data…in the screen shot I have done that for three links


Thank you, @boston85719! This helped me.