You have modified some dynamic data, the content is reverted to its original version

I keep getting this message when i try to edit a text or input. I am simply just trying to make something bold and it always says “You have modified some dynamic data, the content is reverted to its original version.”

I think this is a bug. It never used to do that to me before. I can’t save my data with the rich text editor anymore.

Hi @J805 - when you open up the rich text editor and you make any change to dynamic data you’ll get that message and it won’t save. For instance, if you have “Current User Name” (or whatever) in the rich text editor and you inadvertently remove a space to “Current UserName”, you’ll get that message.

That being said, I have had that message appear before when I was pretty sure I didn’t touch any dynamic data in the rich text editor.

If you open the editor and immediately “save” it with out any changes and you still get the message, then I’d say that’s a bug…

Hope that helped…

Ya, when i just open it and save it again, without changing anything at all, it still shows the same error message. Thanks, that was a good idea. I guess i should do a bug report.

I did a quick test to see if I could get the message too but editing the text element works as expected on my end.

Maybe create another text element with dynamic data and see if it’s an issue with your original text element or all of them?

Ya, i am just going to delete it. I just didn’t want to have to do all that work again. Oh well.

I just started a new one and its doing it again. I guess i have to actually do the bug report. Sigh…

I noticed this same problem when I had two separate dynamic datas in my text field. Instead of using the rich text editor to make it bold, I just put [b] [/b]around what I needed to be bold.
(Ex : This user's name is [b] Current Users Name [/b])

Thanks, i was trying to do that earlier and it wasn’t letting me, it seems to be letting me now. Thanks for the workaround. Hope bubble will be able to fix it. It’s pretty annoying. :slight_smile:

Apparently bubble said the work around is all they can do. Oh well, makes it difficult and not very user friendly. I guess there is nothing else we can do.

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