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Dynamic Data of users is only showing current user's info

Hi there,

I need your urgent support :frowning:

I am creating an RG where it should show the project’s picture, name. creator’s name, creator’s picture.

There is something weird happening, it is only showing the current logged in user’s details for the current user’s projects, and all other projects’ creators info is not visible, please check out the below screenshots to get a better view of the issue, I looked into my database and all connections between datatypes sounds fine “from my non expert point of view”

please let me know if you can understand better than me what could be the cause of the issue and how to resolve it :frowning:

Users Info Bug 06

Do your privacy rules allow a User to see other Users? Do your privacy rules allow a User to see other User’s email address field (this seems like a shitty idea, but hey you do you)?


Hi @keith Thanks tons! and yes it is shitty idea to display user’s emails for sure :smiley: , but I was just testing with dummy data :smiley:

Any you are right it was privacy rules which I modified now to hide emails and other sensitive data, and only show username and picture :slight_smile:

Test page:

and on the actual app, it is working fine!

Thanks again @keith , and sorry for my idiotic question :smiley: , you saved me from my exhausted mind :smiley:

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Not a stupid question, really. The answer was just obvious if you’ve been Bubbling for a bit. Glad I helped you get it sorted!

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I am bubbling for a “little” bit, and I know this answer too :sweat_smile:, just havw been bubbling for few days straight without proper sleep, thats why it was stupid :speak_no_evil:

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I, too, know that state. :grinning:

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The best thing in are helpful, fun, and kind people like you in this community , thanks again!