Dynamic Dependent Dropdown Choices

I’m making a repair service web app and I’m stuck at a dynamic dropdown choice.
I want a dropdown 2 to depend on the choice of dropdown 1 but I can’t seem to get it to work.
For example, the first dropdown requires you to select a phone brand. The second dropdown should show you smartphones made by the brand selected in dropdown 1.
E.g Dropdown 1 shows you Apple, Dell, Lenovo, etc.
If the user selects Apple, the second dropdown should show you iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, etc.
I have created a list of Brands that contain Apple, Dell, Lenovo but I don’t know how to make the second dropdown give me only options that are dependent on the first dropdown choice.

Hi @purpleplusng,

There are two ways to do this and it depends on how you set up your database.

Firstly you can add a field to the Brands data type called Brand Models and make this a list of texts.

Then set up the second dropdown as shown here.

Secondly you can create another data type called brand models and for each model add a brand field type that links each model back to the brand data type.

You can then set up the second dropdown as shown below.

The main thing is adding the constraint on the models dropdown search to be relative to the brand dropdown.


Yessss…I tried the first option you suggested …it worked.
Thank you so much @jonathan.baxter1991

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