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Dynamic Dropdown auto-binding field to modify empty

I have a list of dropdowns. When it is set to static choice, the auto-binding Field to Modify lists the available table’s fields. When set to Dynamic choice, the Field to Modify is empty it only shows create a new field option.
Is this a normal behavior?
I am looking to achieve auto-binding while in dynamic mode.

Many thanks for your help

Hey, @abalgir,

The specialty field of the user is text? Or is a thing? :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

It is a text.

There´s the thing.

A field type text is static.

Dynamic means that is a field type type or option set

You want the specialties be created by the User or by you (developer)?

By the user, there is a special input screen (in housekeeping) to insert Specialties

Okay, and a User can have a list of specialties or just one?

Each user can have one specialty.

Okay, so you need to create a type called Specialty that has a field type text.
Then, the user should have a field specialty type Specialty.

I recommend you to go here and leran more about the basics

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Many thanks. I will read this. Appreciate the help. it worked

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