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Dynamic Dropdown Menu

Thanks in advance for any responses!

Scenario I’m trying to achieve:

//Creating a New Profile of a Person w/ Group Sorting Options

-On ‘page 1’, user can enter name of new ‘Profile’. A Text Input Field, Dropdown Menu, and Enter Button are present.
-User enters name and, if it’s their first time using the site, the Dropdown is only populated with ‘Everyone’ and ‘Add New Group’.
-If user chooses ‘Everyone’ and clicks/taps the Enter Button, the entered name is displayed on a separate ‘Everyone’ page inside of a Repeating Group with other names tagged ‘Everyone’. Simple.
-If user chooses ‘Add New Group’, they are presented with a text entry. This text is given a new page (with corresponding Repeating Group), as well as (my question->) creates a new line in the Dropdown Menu for here forward.
-From every time here on, the text the User entered is an option (with link to page) in the Dropdown Menu.

I know how to pass info to a page, use repeating groups, and the basics of databases. The default options and text additions in a Dynamic Dropdown Menu are tripping me up.

Thanks again!

If I’m understanding correctly…

You may need to restructure your data a little. So, 2 data types:


  • Label (text)


  • Name (text)
  • Group (Group)

–> 1 page needed that is type group.
–> The dropdown is type group and options are all groups, field to identify is “label”

So, when a group from the dropdown is selected, user is directed to the single page (type group), and that dropdown value is sent to the page. The RG on the page will display a list of all profiles whose group field = Current page’s group.

Creating a new profile will require you assign a group to it (group field), whether your already created Everyone group or one newly created.

This also means that “add new group” will need to be a separate button to reveal group label input.

Let me know if this works for you and/or you need more elaboration.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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@romanmsg So no chance of putting a “add new” Group on the dropdown? I’m guessing due to restrictions of the platform…

Alright; I’m stuck in a spiraling Group Loop nightmare.

Is there a way/place to high-five or send a 1990’s-style cheese basket to the creators of this platform? I spent a year of free time trying to do in HTML/CSS/JS/Angular/PHP/etc what I’ve accomplished in 1 week with bubble!

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Ok, check out what I did. Let me know if this is what you were looking for. Create a profile, assign to group, go to that group’s page. If Group is not available, create new group.

You’re right, with a dropdown being a dynamic list of a specific type (groups), you can’t add a plain text “add new” as it’s an incompatible type.

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Oh, I see now. I thought I was having difficulty understanding the data workflow but I was over-thinking it. Based on your changes, I just wasn’t approaching the initial ‘set up’ in an efficient manner.

For the benefit of others…


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