Dynamic Dropdown (not) filtering RGCustomState

I want the User-Recruiter to select a Job, click Match and have a list of CVs that match selected job. the CV is also have to respond to set of filters.

Dropdown has a dynamic options - list of Jobs Titles.
Datasource for Repeating group listing CVs is the Custom state triggered by button Match in Workflows.

All filters are in one custom state and one step, including one that makes me crazy.
So to perform search by CVs by dropdown value I have to compare it with something in CV.
Since CV and Job are separate data types I linked them by a field ‘MToJobs’ - that is a List of JobTitles (text) which I save to CV once User-Candidate performs the opposite search on his side.
Candidate search> gets the list of Jobs> the list of found jobs titles are saving to DB in his CV to ‘MToJobs’.

Whatever did I try these days…Even turned Dropdown value and Job Titles to lists, but did not work.
Here are options I tried
3 вариант

вариант 2

4 вариант

So far stopped on the following (the last filter in the list) since it returns matches for CVs which MToJobs list contains exact match with Dropdown value.
At the same time, I specially created CVs with full matches by all filters, but the search results are empty.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

I think we can achieve this with an input box tagged with fuzzy search. Any value containing the text keyd in input box can be searched.

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