Dynamic element height in visual builder issue

I am working on a plugin that results in changing/dynamic element heights. these change semi-frequently.

having the entire element wrapped in the ‘out’ div i use this code to recursively set the element height

        let el = document.getElementById('out')
            	console.log(el.getBoundingClientRect().height )
            }, 500);

however when i try to use this same code in the preview function for the visual builder, i see the element and get the visual effect BUT the element does not change height.

in the responsive editor it trys to change height but only does so once or twice then blinks only and stops changing height.

has anyone else experienced this?

Not sure if you’re still having issues, and I don’t think there’s a way to avoid the issue with the height not updating in the bubble editor, but I’ve got an (in development) plugin for dynamically setting the height. It uses css rather than javascript so it doesn’t have to regularly update manually. If you’re interested, I can add your app, and see if it helps you, just dm me.

Interesting… I’ve never had an issue with the dynamic height of an element (only the width).

Can you show us a screenshot of what your page looks like and then what you WANT it to look like?

Hey! I have this working np currently in the development version.

for this i cant really demonstrate what i want with a screenshot. you could see it by checking out this plugin as this iss what i am referencing. you’ll see the top text changes the hight of the div in the live version but not the preview.