Dynamic Filtering bug/error


I got an issue since this morning on a dynamic filtering workflow.

Basically, it seems that using “This thing” in dynamic filtering is not supported by Bubble anymore. It returns (multiple) errors…

Anyone have the same issue?

:up: thanks

“this listing” should still work. The error you’re getting is because “search for” returns a list of listings, not a single listing - even if the search returns a single item. Try adding “:first item” to your data source.

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thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the source is for a repeating group so I need a list as output.

It worked like a charm until yesterday, but since this morning, I got this weird errors…

Oops! I just looked a the highlighted error and assumed :confused:

That’s really weird. It’s throwing an error like it isn’t a data source for a RG. That’s a head scratcher.

I’m a little confused by the search type and the RG’s type of content, though. You’re searching for slots and narrowing by listing, but the type of content is a listing. Do you have a link to the editor?

Well, it’s a complex search that match different dates.

And that’s the first time I saw errors saying this (while I have nothing in red in any expressions…) :


I submitted a bug, I guessed it’s on Bubble side…
@emmanuel have you already face this ?

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