Dynamic height issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve got an issue in the height of my groups (pages in a native app), especially when there is a Repeating group that goes to the bottom. The height of the devices being different, there is in most devices a blank bar that makes my app ugly to behold. Same thing for, every kind of element in fact… Is there a way to fix this ? My app is supposed to be ready, but I can’t find any way to fix it !

Please help !


Consider vertically stacking your content groups and conditionally showing them via custom states or url parameters. Set them all as hidden and to collapse when hidden. On page load set the logic to show the content as needed (depending on user role if you have them, etc etc)

Thanks for the reply !
Sadly, I have already done this, but still have the aforemention issues. Any other ideas ?

Check again for “wild” overlapping groups …

Vertical stacking works because by doing so you are managing vertical distance. There are no groups in the way.

Well, there are group that serves the purpose of a kind of popup, that are inseide of the pages group. Can it alter the vertical distance ? Same for the tab element, do you think I shoud make them on different y values ?

Yeap… :grinning:

Hello, and sorry for the delay !
I tried to put all of my overlapping groups at the bottom of thepreceding one, however, even with that, I still have my pages cut depending on the screen used for the app. I’m guessing the problem comes from the screen resolution, however, it is not humnly possible to make a different page for each resolution existing, and so for each one of my pages !

I am in a dire need of help for this problem !


Here is a screen of my app that illustrate the issue, hope that it helps !

As you can see, there is a blank bar that cut my element. The menu is a floating group, which explain that it is at the bottom of the page. However, depending on the resolution of the screen, the blank will be changing size