Native app feeling - can this be done?


I am so close to create a beautifull app for IOS and I am missing just one last thing.
For example when i have a repeating group which has lots of elements and once I scroll down and more records are loading, the group that contains that repeating group, expanses.

When i change the page (change state to another group in case of an app) the height of the new group is the same with the group that has a repeating group with lots of records.

The Question :slight_smile:
Can we have indepent group height when creating native apps?

Please check the video
The bubble gurus :slight_smile: @levon @romanmg @gf_wolfer @fayewatson @keith
Thank you

You need to make sure that you don’t have your groups on top of each other on the page (i.e. positioned at the same y coordinate), but rather that each group occupies it’s own space on the page, set to collapse the element’s height when hidden.

So all groups need to be stacked, one on top of the other, with no overlapping groups.

damn…it works like a charm… You can actually keep the groups exactly at the same y coordinate :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

it would be nice to be able to get back to each group and have the same items in the same position

I’m not sure what you mean by that? Maybe an example would help…

check this out. Lets say 2 different groups with repeating groups inside
the 2 groups are independent of each other.