Dynamic Key name for page parameters

I’m not sure why this hasn’t been implemented as it seems obvious, but let me know if I’m missing something.

But basically there needs to be a way to have dynamic names for page parameter Keys, as it can get a bit troublesome keeping track of all the exact names of parameter keys throughout my single-page-app.

If I could maintain a specified list of ‘Key’ names, say, as an option set, this would make it so much more efficient and less prone to error

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Agreed. It sucks to have to remember them all. I have option sets for my parameters which i label something like “keyname: parameter” so i know what key name it’s supposed to be attached to.

You should submit it in the ideaboard.

Isn’t this the idea board? I put it under the “idea” category

Nope this is the ideaboard. Yeah i know it’s confusing but it is what it is. You’ll have slightly higher chance of getting your idea fitted in there than here.

Spoiler: They have a giant backlog

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I support this idea! It’s probably because this was a very old function - the formatting of this workflow step is old school Bubble :joy: