Dynamic Page Links in Repeating Group?

I have a repeating group that pulls data from an option set into a card style layout.
The options are:
Display (Page title, this is displayed in a button)
URL (This contains a relative url for the page and needs to be actioned by the button)

The layout is intended to provide a second layer mobile navigation, so instead of trying to cram all my pages into the floating mobile nav, I can just have Login, Signup, Logout, Subscribe, Dashboard, Pricing, Then one link to the grid layou page when all other pages are linked in a mobile friendly format.

Everything is working but I do not know how to link a button dynamically, when I try to link in workflow, there is no dynamic option. What am I missing?

I’m assuming these are the Attributes, not the options? Your options would be the pages.

If you make a repeating group, pick the type as your option set, then data source is “Get an option” then All Options. Then inside the cell you can refer to This cell’s [Options]'s [URL attribute]

Sorry yes attributes. I can access the attribute in the option set, that’s not a problem. The issue is that in workflow when I select “navigate to a page” there are no options for dynamic linking. I can get it to work if I select “link to an external website” but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to do it.

Oh I see, yes it’s cause Bubble just wants you to statically set the page in that actions which won’t work here.

The link to external website should be fine.

It would be nice is “page” was a thing type we could reference and it’s being updated whenever we rename/make new pages. So your attributes could have the direct reference to a page, I’ve seen some other posts where that would help too.

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Thanks, good to know. I was worried it might apply a nofollow robots meta, or add target=_blank and come back to bite me once I went live.

If it somehow becomes an issue you could duplicate the workflow for each option, so when that button’s cell’s option is “Log in” then go to the set login page. You should be fine with the external URL though

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