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I have created a repeating group to display my page Menu/navigation options within. The menu items are being pulled through from an option set i created. Is there a way i can now create a workflow to send someone to a certain page when the button/text is clicked as based on the text that is displayed. I can figure out how to apply the navigation to the actual options that are displayed.

any help appreciated

You should create a X number of workflows as the number of options you have. Each workflow is triggered by a click on a menu item.
The difference between them will be the “only when” expression, like the example below, and the page they will forward to of course


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ok and this will work even though its a button i have created within the repeating group. So this button is currently acting dynamically pulling through options from an option set. …Thanks. So i only have 1 button i have created as a pose to 5 separate text boxes, each with a menu item in it. Im basically trying to say if the current cell button has XYZ text (this will be the same text as the option) it will navigate to XYZ page

You don’t need 5 different boxes, only one in a repeating group. Bubble will know to reference the proper cell when you click on the button

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tried this but doesn’t seem to be working. When i create the workflow shall i not select the button in the repeating group first?

Looks like you’re missing another “display” at the end of the expression

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Buzzing, thats working now - thanks

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if I may step in - I was having a similar challenge, however, with one major difference, which still causes problems for me:

  • I also have menu items, listed in an option set. This options contains of a number of attributes one being the name of the target page, I want to navigate to - looks like this:

  • what I am trying to do now is to navigate to this option attribute - in this case to page “daily_opening”. Howewver, I cannot refer to it in the workflow:

Any hint of what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks a lot!

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