Dynamic Pages not loading in Sitemap

Hello! I’m having trouble creating a dynamic sitemap. I have 1000+ pages with slugs (most of which I manually typed to be SEO friendly). I followed all of Bubbles instructions on setting up the sitemap. The ‘location-details’ below are dynamic pages.

I also followed Bubble’s instructions on creating workflows to land on each page. The button pink arrow button below goes to the location-details:

However, when I look at my sitemap, none of the pages are being indexed:

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick to get bubble to generate a sitemap?

Search engines can’t use workflows, they use links. Put a link under the button and you may have more luck with them crawling the site.

Don’t have much to offer on the actual site map, sorry

I like to imagine the crawler loads the page, sighs, twiddles its thumbs, and then gives up on my sites before even reading the hero :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thank you so much! Will Google find this if I submit the high level sitemap or do I need to submit this seperatly?

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll change them to links. It’s weird because Bubble specifically said that we should use workflows, so I actually changed all my links to button and then made them workflows. Sigh.

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