Dynamic showing fields in action behavior

Dear Bubblers,

please I need help with dynamic showing fields with checkbox in action behavior. This functionality is used for example in module “Download data as CSV”.

Description of functionality:

  1. Choosing Type of data (…on screenshot User…)
  2. After choosing Type of data I see all fields of this type with checkbox. (…on screenshot email, First Name, Image, …)

Please any idea how can I create similar functionality?

Thank you so much

Petr Majtán

Check this out. This method only provides a drop down with the fields. Maybe this will help you get there.

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Hi Jared,

thank you so much for your answer but sorry this is not what I need.

Your example creates one dropdown with fields. You can see on my screenshot - I need to create dynamically list of fields with checkboxes.


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I don’t think this is possible.

A workaround would be to have users input a comma separated string of fields they want to use.

Field names can be found with .listProperties() - You can output the list of field names as a state, so the user can see what options they have.

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Hi Tim, thank you, yes this is one way but this way I wanted to avoid.

Please, any idea how to dynamic showing fields in action behavior like in “Download data as CSV”?

Thank you