List the fields of a thing in a dropdown

How do I list the Thing’s fields in a dropdown? Like if I have a Thing called “Customer”, with the fields Name, Address, Birthdate. How could I dynamically show these fields in a dropdown?



Hi there, @doug.m.pereira… you don’t have access to the actual fields themselves, so you can’t show them directly from the data type. That being said, you could create an option set that has the field names, and you could show them in a dropdown via the option set. Think that could work for you?


@mikeloc, thanks for you time, man. I’m struggling with this a few days.

I wanna configure pre-written senteces of a legal document. My goal is to let the user create keywords in these pre-written sentences and then he will define what should be printed over the keyword for each new document.


the user creates 1 document with the sentece “The judge defines the defendant should pay {key-word_1}”
Then the user will set “{key-word_1} = thing_costs.value”

Though, to the document 2, it would be “The defendant was condemned to {key_word_1}”
Then the user will set “{key-word_1} =thing_condemnations.first_item.descripton”

Notice that it would demand different data sources, different things and fields. In the moment of printing, I’m using a simple text element and trying to use a find&replace. But couldn’t find a way to dinamicly reach the things and fields.

Any tips?