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Dynamic status of checkboxes? What are they in simple terms

Hi, im trying to fully understand what Dynamic status in checkboxes is used for. I just have a simple checkbox, yes/no answers that i want to save. Do i need to worry about Dynamic status inorder for it to work properly? im so lost

Hello! The “Dynamic status” option will only be visible if the “Preset status” option in the checkbox property editor is set to “Dynamic”. You can instead choose a preset status of “checked” or “unchecked”, which will set the initial state of the checkbox, but the user will still be able to check or uncheck the box. You can then use a workflow event, such as “when checkbox’s value is changed” to add a workflow action that will save the user’s answer. You can find more information on the Checkbox element in the Input Forms - Checkbox section of our manual, including a quick video overview of how to use this element.

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Hi thanks

I tried what you said, and some of it makes sense. Thank you

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