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Dynamic Text With Ajax Tooltips

Firstly, Load dynamic list of rich text from DB into Text Field.

Then when mouse hover these text,links , An ajax tool-tips that show another page contents.

Is it possible to do this?

Hello @sinyongng, :slight_smile: For the tooltips specifically, you can display static or dynamic text:

It wouldn’t be able to display another page exactly, but you could use a group element with dynamic text and/or images, that becomes visible when a text or link is hovered. What are you hoping to display when a link or text is hovered?

@fayewatson , i was hoping to do so if possible

I got an Apple , Orange under a text field, both of them is SAME dynamic text load from DB because of this tool tips only allow single sentence. If i wan to show tool-tips for both Apple and Orange it does not work.

Note : Input is from user using Rich Input plugin. So i don’t know whether he/she enter Apple or Orange in the text. But i want some keyword(Apple, Orange) to show tool-tips in this case.

Some sample website: When hover Bullseye I from site below it will show it’s picture.

Are you trying to enter more than one dynamic expression into the tooltext input? After entering the first expression, try to click out of the input, and then when you click back into the input the “Inset dynamic data” button should appear again so that you can create the second one. For example:

Can you share a link to your app?