Dynamic time: add pause

I’m creating a prototyping tool that allows users to set transitions between screens.
It’s going to be tiresome to create condition action for 0.x-10

can this be added please

Hi @Taiheta,
Create new html element and add Javascript Settimeout function with dynamic time. Inside the timeout function tigger the button click or open the new tab .


That worked thanks,

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How do you get the “change URL” workflow function?

I’ve been wanting to find a way to change the URL to add paths to it as a user is on the page for the purposes of hiding/showing groups and incorporating a “navigation” on page to go between the groups.

The only way I was able to do it, wasn’t appropriate as the URL change was done through a navigation event that reloaded the page. The Change URL workflow event seems like it would be what I am looking for, however, I can’t find it anywhere.

Is it part of the javascript to bubble plugin?


Found it…it is the zeroqode plugin

This seems like a great free plugin