Instant URL Update

Hey Bubblers,

I think there must be a plugin for this, but I’m looking for a plugin that’s similar to AirDev’s Instant Text in that whatever you put in an input instantly updates, but instead of it showing on a text element or such I’m looking for a plugin that lets me enter whatever I want, but then the URL of my page instantly updates rather than using the Bubble’s “input changed” feature to update the parameters in my URL.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Hi Johnny!

Just to clarify, why the “input change” is not an option to trigger the change?

Hey there @rpetribu,

Thanks for asking! I prefer not using the input change option to trigger it because of the slight delay there is with it.

I suppose if there isn’t a plugin or any other way that I’ll need to just do that.

Yes… it is not that fast. But I don’t know other way…

What you can try is to use the new experimental plugin, from Bubble, to map the “key press” event and run a workflow after it (only if you input is focused…). It could be faster…

And in your workflow, you could try to use javascript to change the URL: