Dynamic Values for API Connector and “Create a Price” in Stripe

Hi, everyone:

So my question to my last post (Dynamic Values for API Connector and "Create a Product" in Stripe) was never answered, but I managed to implement an alternative solution. Now I’ve moved on to my next call, “Create a Price”, and I am encountering the same problem. My alternative solution is not working in this case.

The “Create a Price” requires a Product ID (prod_) to work, but that ID is generated by the previous call (“Create a Product”), so when I configure it in workflow, it would be something like Result of Step 1’s Product ID. So how do I make Product ID dynamic in the meantime in API Connector?

Thank you.

You can’t.

You’ll have to initialize the first call for the Product, then once it’s initialized click on ‘Manually Enter API response’, copy the returned ID from the response JSON there and add it as the Product ID on your Price API call. That should do it!

I did a lot of Stripe API calls from scratch while setting up Atomic Fusion, and there’s a ton of calls that depend on data from other ones. I feel your pain!

Ranjit | Atomic Fusion

You can also get a product id from the stripe dashbord in version mode

Thanks, Ranjit, for letting me know.

Version mode as in Test Mode or Live Mode?

test mode. I misspelled that :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much to the both of you.