Stripe no longer compatible?

I recently purchased a template and while setting up the template I followed the documentation to set up payments. The product I created in stripe (both test & live) was not showing up in the drop-down for plan selection. So I began troubleshooting.

Then I read this on the template documentation: “Since the app has two versions - Development and Live - you need to have both versions of your account in Stripe to have the same plans with the same IDs.”

Stripe was not showing the option to set a custom product ID. I could copy the product from test to live but the ID was different. So I reached out to the stripe team, chatted for hours and they finally said this was no longer possible.

To summarise, the issue with creating the product is that stripe doesn’t allow editing the plan ‘ID’ anymore. This means test product or live product can’t have the same ID. This means the instructions on existing documentation are no longer relevant.

How do I set up stripe now? as I can’t change plan ID’s to make them the same.

Can you make the Product ID dynamic? If so then use a Is not live statement expressed as Text. Then in the Yes and the No statement you can input 2 separate Product IDs one from your Stripe Test and other from Stripe live.

Thank you, Matt. I can certainly switch to dynamic and enter “Is not live” as text in the section “Stripe plan name”. However, I am unable to see the Yes and No statements you mention. Would you be able to share where I can find those?

I think this might be a big issue moving forward as most templates are based on the premise that stripe product ID’s (test & live) would be the same and will automatically pop up on the menu.

We might not both be thinking of the same thing. Here is how I have approached using Stripe Subscriptions in Bubble where my API ID under pricing in Stripe is different.

First the Bubble Stripe plugin does pull across available product pricing but can be a little slow to reflect changes. So I manually enter the price_ value in Bubble. Screenshot below shows where to find this value. It is not the prod_ ID, use the price_ ID

Then in Bubble

This prices a different price_ value depending on whether you’re in test or live mode in Bubble allowing you to performs tests in your dev version whilst still populating your workflow with your live price_ value.

I’m working on an app with multiple plans so I’ve used a Plan Option Set to store my different test and live price_ IDs.

Bitesized Bubble tutorials

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Thank you so much for the explanation! You are a legend :sunglasses:

I have not tried a payment yet, but I set it up as you shared.