Repeating group column width

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Throwing this out there as i am sure someone much smarter than me has solved this before.

So I have a Horizontal repeating group, lets say it is showing user data. I have it set up initially with 3 columns and it expands based on an option set of the fields of the user table.
First Name
Last Name
Job Description
Last login Date

Now when setting up this repeating group i simply created a group with a text element inside with the above labels.

Now is there anyway to change the column width of these individually? Example the avatar only needs a column width of say 50 but the email address might need 200 and the first and last names might need 120.

Is there a way to achieve this? i Know in a vertical group we obviously position to what we need, on the horizontal it is copying the first tile and space.

Assuming it might be a bit of CSS or something to dynamically size?


make the text elements the sizes you want them to be for each option…so not one text element, but six separate text elements…go further and have them all in their own group and allow some to expand and others to not (fixed width not fixed width) put hiding rules on some and not on others (so some will hide at predefined page widths and you will have a responsive design)

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