Dynamic Y and X offset with GroupFocus bug

I have a “nested” dropdown which is a GroupFocus + a seperate GroupFocus which acts as a nested menu. This is what I am using to calculate the dynamic menus if the menu is too close to the bottom border of the page or too close to the right side of the page.

Page height - 90 (nested groups height) <= Current Mouse Y postition
then apply the current condition
Vertical Offset - 100 (Set in condition on GroupFocus)

I am noticing however, that the GroupFocus’ dropshadow is working fine, but the group itself is not moving. Has anyone else experienced this?

This is an issue for me as well. It would be great if a groupfocus’ offset could have some conditional adjustment.

Sadly, you won’t find a solution. Might I suggest nesting both groups within a single groupfocus instead and show or hide as necessary.


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