Stick group focus to top?


Hoping I could get some ideas, I am trying to use a GroupFocus to manually design my own dropdown (duh), but the problem I am having is the offset top. I am trying to get my GroupFocus to display to the right of the element, as opposed to the bottom. It just works better for my UI.

It works great when only one person is selected, or none, such as here:

However, once you click off and try to open it back up, it drops it down.

I know why this is happening, my offset for the GroupFocus is only -36px, which is the button’s height. However, when someone else is added, that height changes, but the offset stays the same.

My question is if anyone has any idea’s on a fix. I was thinking of just using a regular group, and when focus is lost, hide that element, like a makeshift groupfocus.

Anyone have any ideas? :smiley:

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