Dynamically selecting option set via other option set

Hi all,
Been stuck on this one for a bit so reaching out for help.
I’m trying to dynamically select an option set, via the dropdown of another option set.
Use case is meat and cuts of meat. I have an option set to select meat type (Beef/Chicken etc), and ive tried ways to select cuts of meat (ie wings and thighs for chicken, steak and ribs for beef etc) depending on what is selected for meat type.

Ive tried creating an option set for Meat, and another option set for meat cut with an attribute called “Meat choice” with the type “Meat”, and assigned each meat cut to their own “Meat”. I cant make the logic work however in the design window.

I’ve also tried making a option set for each meat (Ie, one option set for beef cuts, one option set for chicken etc). But drop down “choices source” only allows for one option set under “Type of choices”, and you cant change this via conditional formatting which is what i planned to do.


Any help appreicated on a workaround, been stuck on this for a bit.


It’s easier to do it the other way round: i.e. have a list of ‘meat cuts’ on each ‘meat choice’

Then just set the meat cut dropdown’s choices source to the meat choice dropdown’s value’s meat cuts.

This broke my tiny brain a little adam, would you mind elaborating?

Instead of linking the two option sets via a ‘Meat Choice’ field on the ‘Meat Cut’ option set, as you suggest are in your first post (which means you’ll have to filter all the possible Meat Cuts according the Meat Choice dropdown value - which will work perfectly well, but it’s a little more complicated, and possibly slower), do the linking the other way round…

i.e. have a list field for ‘Meat Cuts’ on the ‘Meat’ option set.

Then all you have to do is set the ‘Meat Cut’ dropdown’s choices source to be the Meat dropdown’s Meat Cuts.

It’s much simpler to manage that way.

Here’s a basic example: Meat Cuts Dynamic Dropdown Example

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Brilliant, thankyou for the thorough explanation. Solved.

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