Each company having a signup link for their customers

Hello! I’m working on a app that is B2B and so falls under different companies. I made a signup page for their customers but i want each company to have their own signup link so that the customers dont get added to the wrong company. I already work with the datatype company and the customer can be tied to a companyID.
My question is: how can i have a link that each company gets on their platform to which customers get added to their database?
Any help is much appreciated!

You can add unique id of the company as a parameter to the link. For example, it can look like myapp.com/signup?company=unique_id
So you can easily get the company that new user will be added to during registration WF.

P.S. Don’t forget to add a condition to check if there is a company with such ID for cases when user copies the link incorrectly or modifies it accidentally

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Thank you so much! Ill try and make this work.

This is what I do but I don’t name the parameters using obvious names. They are Xr3b or something like that. There’s no sense creating a potential problem for yourself. Also, we use dummy parameters so that you aren’t sure which ones are actually being used.

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I can’t find where to add the id as a parameter to the link. Could you explain please?

So I assume you have some field in the Company dashboard to show a unique link. What you can show there is something like Website home URL/signup?company=company's unique id [/signup?company= is manually entered in the expression editor]

I fixed it.
For anyone wondering:
I now have the company ID at the end of my path when page is loaded:

and here i call the id at the end of the path as type Company:

Thank you very much! Didn’t expect such good response on this forum. Cheers!