Easiest way to integrate live video chat into app functionality without users having to log into an external video service

What is the easiest way to integrate live chat capability between users on the app and setting it up so that the users do not need to log into any external API and only needs to log into the app once in order to do this.

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there is a forum post that discusses this


Contact the poster, he may be willing to help you

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thanks boston85719

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Thanks for the mention! Saw you PM’d me @26willfisher so i’ll help over message!

WebRTC makes it possible to have fully interactive video chat sessions directly within the browser, without the need to download any software. The WebRTC client technology is built into the browser and it allows you to create a video chat client within your web site / application.

While WebRTC technology is free, it does not provide a full solution. In addition to the client side technology, you are going to need infrastructure. Firewall traversal will be important to enable users behind a firewall to still get connected. You will need to figure out some way to signal clients for call setup, as WebRTC does not provide signaling. If you want to do group calling, you will need an [SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit)]server to bridge together multiple participants. Recording requires additional infrastructure.

Hosting your infrastructure can be a challenge as well. Real-time video communications is sensitive to latency and network performance. In order to get good quality you will likely need to have geographically distributed infrastructure to provide service to close to the person calling. Real-time communication is not easy.

Another option is to use a CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service). While CPaaS are not free, they provide all of the required infrastructure in the cloud that you access through easy to use APIs. You can take their APIs and quickly embed the WebRTC video chat directly into your web site or application without any in-depth knowledge in video communications.

If you are interested in a SaaP option, consider MirrorFly . It provides everything you need to embed group video calling into your website.