Easiest way to show content with different Tabs?


What is the easiest way to show different content, on say a User Profile page when navigating with Tabs? (ie; About Me, My Latest Work etc…)

Would it be with States?

That’s what I use - custom states.

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Ya. Absolutely! Custom states is the way to go. I make the custom states “text” and name it by each tab so it makes it less confusing for me too.

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There a few ways to achieve. States are a go to for sure on most occasions.

I also use parameters as well e.g. /my-profile?tab=about and then set a condition on the group to show or hide if the parameter is detected in the URL. A few benefits is that you can directly browse to a tab without running a workflow on page load (e.g. link or button - send parameters to page) and you can also create new URL entries, so a user can click back and go to the past tab they were just on.

Have a play and see what works best…


I agree with @luke2 also because, in the forum I created for my website, it allows me to copy a link and send it to someone so a person can go straight to the question in the forum via a url. So think about future needs as well, will it be necessary to send them directly to a tab later or not. I use both techniques mixed together.

Thanks for the detailed responses there. @luke2 I’m more inclined to try out your method. Makes sense where a user could, for example, click a button inside of X content and easily send this to someone (chat, email etc…)

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