How would you create a temporary pop up "toast" that doesn't display the loading stripe?

Hi there! I’m trying to create a simple feedback element that pops up and says “Success!” for 2 seconds after a link is copied to the clipboard. I have implemented it using the ‘Add a pause before the next action’ action. The problem with this implementation is that during the time the workflow runs (2+ seconds), the bubble-native progress ribbon runs across the top of the screen, making the app feel slow and jammed-up.

I am looking for an implementation that allows for a transient 2-second pop up without the bubble progress ribbon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated – thank you in advance!

Are you using the built in “alert” element?

Ahhh! Didn’t realize that was an option. Just checked it out, and looks like it does the trick. Thank you!

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There are also toast plugins, if you have enough melted butter left.

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