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easyForm - Form Builder

Hello Guys

Am so excited to publish Form builder template :slight_smile:

I have decided to template part of my APP (Here) - so created Form builder template, you can find it in the link below.

It has a lot of features, such as:

  • Create your own form-builder application.
  • Augment your application and add custom fields.
  • Give your customer real flexibility.
  • Build your dynamic rules’ logic to drive useful responses.
  • Custom Calculated field.
  • Template your forms.
  • Single page and Card forms

The template includes sample Forms already such as:

  • General Knowledge quiz: It leverages (Rules & Calculated field features) both to calculate the score on submission.
  • Site Survey form (the content copied from Jot form for testing), it leverages rules, formatting and other features.
  • Feedback form: with rules that control hiding/showing fields
  • Gym registration
  • Job Application
  • Kids online learning form with conditions

Please have a look and let me know what you think
Template: here
Template Preview: here

Any feedback is much appreciated


Cool template. Really like the way responses are generated as columns. Are you dynamically creating bubble database (Thing) fields or are you just doing magic in the representation of the responses?

Have built a form builder in bubble before. It is very easy to tie yourself in a knot very quickly.

Especially if the type of answers is complex.

Best of luck with the template.


Thanks a lot @FJP - Yes things are dynamically created

Thanks a lot @ZubairLK - Maybe you can share your experience - I haven’t seen a knot yet :slight_smile: - the questions and answers are 1:1 mapped

Thanks. I understand that things (records in the bubble database table) are dynamically created. But do I understand it correctly that you also dynamically create new data types or add new properties to an existing data type dynamically, and basically extend the bubble native database structure.

Good luck!

Thanks @FJP No, there is no extension to Bubble native data types nor DB Structure

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You can also build estimation form or quotation form using calculated field - for example i built baby sitting form with rules - have a looks

We are happy to avail discount on this template

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hi i cant see the General Knowledge quiz template do you have a link?

Have you got screenshots that’s the same link as before

@rukevweb just created a new one, please check again and let me know if you need any help

@mohammed.mahmud here’s the link to the template

Hi, I think the your forms template is really functional and thanks for sharing a version we can all play with to see how it works. I’m wondering how hard it would be to make form fields dynamic? By this I mean that drop down lists could could contain options from other data types in your app or an API?

Thanks a lot @nigel.oneill

It looks like good idea, the only use case I can think of is to populate a field from another from rules and conditions

Do you have any other use case?

Yes, I think you’re getting close to some really clever forms I’ve seen implemented in where users can build forms that allow them to choose what happens when the form is received. The form builder contains dynamic DDLs which are populated based on other data types, such as potential recipients etc.
Best Regards, Nigel

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I’m wondering how do you save data from severals imput which are in different cells of a repeating group , i need to find the same workaround for one of my apps.

What is the workflow when you click on Submit ?

Thanks for your help !

If the inputs show up conditionally to the dB on each row … consider the alternative to auto-bind them. I would image that the dynamic form builder adds the number of fields needed … and their field types (date field with a date picker vs a choice field with a dropdown element … etc etc) to the form. So this could work.

if you do another 50% off I’ll buy it