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I am creating a food delivery platform using the Eaty template. I have a few items I need changed, looking for cost estimates to implement each of the following.

  1. Enable admin’s to edit all restaurant’s menu categories and meals. I understand you can login as any user via the database, but need the functionality in the ‘admin’ page.

  2. Define custom platform and courier fees on a per restaurant basis. Currently in the admin panel you can define for all restaurants. I need the option to define per restaurant, which over-rides global settings. If not restaurant specific values are defined, it defaults to global settings. I’m thinking listing all restaurants in the ‘admin?q=overview’ page under the global settings with input boxes to the right for each.

  3. The ability for restaurant owners and admin to add extra food options on a per meal basis. For example, you add a hamburger, you are then prompted for extras (e.g. a free option to replace burger buns with lettuce, 2 x free options to choose sauce, then 4 x paid options for extra bacon, cheese etc…).

Please note, I’m looking to build a long-term relationship with a reliable, experienced and cost effective freelancer. I will be able to send more work to the right person. Please provide cost estimates to implement 1, 2 and 3, itemised, including links to existing work.

Many thanks,


Hey Chris,
I hope you are safe and doing well.
That is Mohamed, an entrepreneur, keen on business design, and software programming(bubble)
I am an Udacity-certified UX designer.

I would love to connect to learn more about your company and how I could help you with your strategy.
How does your schedule look for today 28th at 3:00 PM CEST? Does it work for a quick call via G-meet?

-I would appreciate your visit to check my bubble portfolio:
-UX portfolio:
-Figma recent project:

*Time estimation would depend on many factors according to the current database/design/workflow, but I estimate an average of 20 hrs/for each task, my rate for you would be 25$/hr.
if you are looking for a fixed price that could be after a details discussion.

Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for the quick response.

3:00pm CEST works well. Please send invite to

Hello Chris,
Shuvam this side. :wave:

I have certification from Airdev and love working with templates. I am working on an idea of my own. Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss your app and the features that you require to get built.

I have gone through the documentation of the template, and I think 16-20 hours of work would be good for adding these functionalities if the DB structure is the same as the original template.

Please feel free to schedule a meeting using my Calendly link:

My portfolio: Shuvam Paudel on