Editing Entries

Hey! I’m new to using Bubble and I think it’s awesome! I’m trying to build something that would allow me to edit custom field (company) that I have added to user table. I have added edit button to the repeating container and it opens a modal window. I have form field for company name there but I can’t dynamically fill it and saving won’t do anything.

I tried to follow this example but I couln’t replicate it.
Edit data shown in repeating group?

Any help with this? I really want to figure this out and start using Bubble!

When you click the edit button that displays the popup, you also have to add the “Display Data” action to the workflow. This also means the popup’s type of content should be the same as the repeating group.

Lmk if you understand,

Thanks! I finally figured it out after some frustrating testing

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