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Edit Cell in Repeating Group with a different data type

Hi there,

is it possible to edit a thing in a repeating group (RG) that is created in a different data type than it was originally taken from? If yes does anyone know how?

My example is:

  1. RG shows Courses (Attendees Names from data type COURSE)
  2. Select the attendance status from dropdown (yes, no)
  3. Click Button “Create” to create thing (with fields attendees name; status; current date) on data type LESSONS.

My issue is:
The user needs to be able to EDIT the status in the repeating group.
As the Status is saved only on the Lesson not on the Course for EDIT I need to access a different data type than which is used in the repeating group.

As I understood the technology, I cannot use autobinding, as this only works for things having the same data source as the repeating group.

My idea:
I was thinking to hide the Save button after Save and add a edit button next to the status field which opens a popup and on save the workflow is started that makes changes to the lesson record.

Is this a valid approach or does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?


If your database is setup properly with related fields you can do it simple enough…have a data field on the Course data type that is related to the Lessons data type. Then when a user takes the action in the RG to change the status run the workflow to change the ‘current cell’s Course’s Lesson status’

@boston85719 thanks for your help. Let me try this out.

@boston85719 managed to solve this in the end by working only with one data type: Lessons