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How to create/edit data in same repeating group cell

Hi there dear bubblers

I am building an attendance tracking app but have issues enabling editing the data created from a repeating group.

→ on this screenshot the saved lessons are just showing to clarify the context

My use case and data types used are:
After selecting the course name in the filter dropdown, the Course List with course names and attendee names is displayed from the Course data type.
Then, after the user selects the status (icon), the attendance records are created on the Lesson data type with attendee name, course name and status.

(The field For Course on the Lesson looks up to the Course - so there is a relationship between the two data types.)

The scenario is:

  1. Dropdown filter for data type COURSE > Name → works

  2. RG displays attendee names from Course data type. → works

  3. After clicking any status icon, a lesson record is created on the Lesson data type with the relevant data> works

  4. User can click between icons and color of those icons changes → works

  5. Here I am stuck:
    When the user clicks on any icon, every time a new lesson thing is created.

I would like to accomplish that, when the user clicks a status icon, to look up for any existing lesson record first (with the selected course name, full name and date selected) and if none exists, create one.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

I have the following idea:
Access the status entry on the lesson from the course data type so I can say:
when current cell’s course’s lesson status is empty - create it

or when lesson data entry with course name, attendee name and date selected does not exist, create it?

I tried adding a new Lesson field on the Course data type which is a list of lessons and
tried the “only when” condition on the workflow create a thing:

Not sure why this is not working. Any help is appreciated.

Best Linda

solved this by changing the data model and using only the Lesson data type for creating and editing the attendance records.