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Edit data within repeated group popup - with autobind ;)


I am very new to bubble and I must admit, that I found the learning curve pretty steep :wink:

However, I am making my first steps but now I am running into a wall. I have set up a first set of data type one being "projects " and the other being “ToDo’s” which are assigned to projects.
I have set up a project overview screen which is a RG of all projects and when I click on one of the projects, a popup opens listing the assigned ToDo’s, filtering those via the custom state.
Next I want to click on the ToDos in the popup, open them for edit per row and make changes - those changes I was planning to be written to the customer Data Types via autobind as I do not want to open another popup, make changes there and have a save-button, which is from a user perspective pretty annoying considering the number of popups, buttons, etc.

So the intended workflow is:

  • showing a repeated group of Projects
  • click on an individual projects
  • popup opens with a repeated group showing the assigned ToDos for the selected project.
  • click on an individual ToDo (not a button, but the group behind the row) to edit content like Due Date, Priority, etc. .
  • these changes should be via autobind immediately saved to the data table.

no edit or save button - just click, change and save automatically.

I cannot find how to autobind the repeated group to the data type table.

Is that possible?

Thanks !

I’d suggest you to have something like a down arrow button and a hidden group right under the ToDo data which will have all the editable elements of ToDos in ToDos RG. Clicking on that down arrow will open up this hidden group where they can edit the data right under ToDos content. Workflow should be something like
When inputs value changes, make changes to this ToDo.

That is an interesting idea - a bit of a hack, which I like :wink:
But two question puzzle me:

  1. Can I edit repeating groups as such and
  2. can I consequently autobind those RG?

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